31 July 2012

To-do list torture

The morning started off with a nice shorthand lesson, including a mock test. It made me realise that I'm not actually as bad at shorthand as I first thought, and that maybe, just maybe I might be getting the hang of it. Chances are tomorrow, I'll be completely lost again.
Then we delved back into the world of features, discussing how to present them and where to generate feature ideas from.
We had a hurried lunch, sat at our computers writing away as the pile of resubmissions next to our computers steadily grows.
Roberta then asked us to come up some ideas for general features and a news led feature and both requests were met with looks of worry and fear. She gave us most of the afternoon to start working on these ideas and to catch up on our other pieces.
This created two different responses from the group: to go to Sainsbury's and buy magazines for inspiration/relaxation or to frantically write a to do list in order to make sense of everything we have to do. I chose the latter, and I might be regretting it now. Mine contained an impressive 21 things to do. Well 20 now that I've written this blog.
Time to get on with tackling the remaining things on my list.

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