22 July 2012

One week down....

Those more observant readers will notice that this was written at 9am on a Sunday and it's that which typifies my dilemma of today.

I woke up at 5.55am this morning and immediately started wondering how I was going to find a 225-word story that I could write up by 6pm this evening. That was the task we were set yesterday and after attempting to visit three different events and getting home at 11pm, I still have nothing.

Its ok though, if I don't find anything, I will have to do two stories of the same nature in the week instead. That would be fun. That being said, I'm going to try again at finding the Shoreditch Festival of 2012. Someone must have something interesting to say there. Surely.

Notes from the first week at PMA:
- I can't spell. In fact, none of us can.
- Shorthand has wayyy too many different rules for my liking.
- Roberta and Keith are seriously well informed and their insight alone makes the course worth doing.
- 5.55am does actually exist.

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