14 July 2012

New beginnings

This will be my last entry on this blog. The next cycle of PMA begins on Monday, which is also when I start working at Haymarket.

After the end of the course, it took 101 days to get that job. There were plenty of rejections during that time. One application dragged on for over two months before I got a rejection: it spanned three interviews and ended with some consolation freelance writing that I've still not been paid for. More often than not, however, applications never even got a reply. It will get to a point where you're grateful for a rejection just to hear back from somebody.

But it's a numbers game. Throw enough shit at the wall and some of it will stick. It was beginning to look as though I'd never get a job, but I did. And then I got a massive promotion two weeks later, even though I hadn't started work yet. Things have a strange way of working out.

Over the next nine weeks you will be stressed beyond belief. But I can tell you from the other side that it really isn't so bad. That's the way it works. The course makes do more than you think you can. Things are never quite as horrific as they seem at the time. Just put the work in, and listen to everything they tell you.

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