20 July 2012

Kissing frogs

"Finding news is like finding a boyfriend. You've gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince." That was Roberta's advice to me today and, although it didn't fill me with confidence, I certainly appreciated the pep talk. Today was about making sure we all know what good news stories are, then going out to get some for ourselves. So, off we went into the rain to speak to London's street food vendors. I doubted myself at first, but I enjoyed talking to the weird and wonderful characters in the business. I even managed to get a couple of good stories (I think!) as well as sampling some spectacular chocolate cake, chatting to TV chef Lorraine Pascale and learning how to balance an umbrella with a notepad and pen while scribbling away furiously. It's a short post tonight as I've only just got home from the PMA office. I can't complain though, because we've got a generous lie-in in the morning. Class starts at 9am, sharp.

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