19 July 2012

"Hi, I'm a journalist..."

The something different and slightly mysterious turned out to be vox pops. I celebrated internally at hearing this, having had experience of doing these for my local paper back at home and quite enjoying them. Vox pops in Camden however, greatly differ from ones in Somerset.
For starters, 7/10 people, do not want to speak to journalists, and have no fears about letting us know that. Of the three people that do speak to you, two of them use it as an excuse to rant. About anything. And everything. Then there is that one brilliant person that you manage to find for an interview, who is not only polite and seems interested in what you have to say, but also manages to give you a few usable quotes. We had to find six people like this.
After completing what felt like the impossible, we rushed back to an afternoon/evening of writing up our vox pops and tackling the steady growing mountain of resubmissions. There are only a certain number of times you can rewrite a 50 word article about a woman setting fire to her husband before you feel like you're going slightly insane.
However, we did have a visit from a PMA graduate who assured us that  we will get used to the workload and writing news stories will suddenly get easier. Can this day come soon please?

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