29 July 2012

Happy Birthday Mum

Today we learned podcasting, or as much podcasting as we could learn with version two of the Garage Band software (Lovett told us the current version is number eleven). Working around the various limitations of the equipment we had was a pain but I think we all came away with a pretty good idea of what it takes to make and publish a podcast. I'm sure it's a skill I'll use in the future.

This week has flown by and it feels like we've learned a ton. On Monday I didn't have a clue what SEO was, now I've used Darshan's twitter techniques to get journalists from the Guardian, Independent, FT and Reuters to follow me (I've got a few cartoonists too, but I'm the only person who is likely to be impressed by that).

One very important thing I should mention is that today is my mum's birthday. Happy birthday Mummy Dines, enjoy being 25 again this year. I was obviously a bit annoyed I couldn't be there, but thanks to the advice of a lovely woman at one of the street food markets we've visited for the magazine I was able to get a posh bottle of wine sent home. I rang too, but mum was a little distracted by the fact the Olympic cycling race was going past our house. The only racing I've been able to watch is the silverfish that have set up home in my flat. I haven't tried to kill them yet because I might need their camaraderie in the weeks before the magazine goes to press.

In case there are any prospective PMAers reading this; do the course, you'll learn TONS, even only two weeks in, just be prepared to work very hard. We finished at five this afternoon and instead of falling straight into bed Polly and I sat in our kitchen and practised shorthand (I'm sharing a flat with another PMAer, highly recommended for support and having someone to hurry you up in the mornings). I remember reading in this blog that the last bunch of PMAers played shorthand drinking games and thinking 'god, that sounds awful,' it isn't. What is awful is sitting in your kitchen on a Sunday afternoon trying to think of songs slow enough to practise shorthand to. My preliminary list is as follows:

Aerosmith- Don't wanna miss a thing
Celine Dion- My heart will go on
Land of hope and glory

It's a tough moment when you realise that even The Smiths are too fast to do shorthand to. On the plus side, I'm well prepared if I ever have to speak at a Women's Institute meeting, I even have alternative lyrics worked out:

I cease from mental fight, nor shall my pen sleep in my hand, 'til I can bid a last farewell, to all of this f-ing shorthand.

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