16 July 2012

The First Day

16th July and it’s the first day of the PMA course; that all-important date in the diary has finally arrived and it certainly has been a long day. We started with the usual introductions and quickly located the tea and coffee – I like my tea but I think the course calls for a caffeine addiction on a whole new level.

As we discussed at the interview, journalism is all about the unexpected. Anything can happen at any given moment and sure thing Roberta and Keith sprung a news quiz on us, with the highest score being 7 out of 20. Definite room for improvement there.

We were then sent out on an Apprentice-style mission to find the answers to a list of questions (some more bizarre than others), running round the rainy streets of Camden, quizzing the locals and getting to know the area but more importantly, using our initiative and appreciating that a good story could be lurking anywhere.

The afternoon was the scary part of the day. Roberta talked us through the different types of magazines and jobs out there, and almost dashed our hopes of ever attaining that dream job till about five years down the line when that dream will have probably changed, but a thick skin and determination is what you need to survive in the industry. I couldn’t believe we were already talking of applying for a job on day one, but the course really does do what it says on the tin.

We were finally given our magazine title at the end of the day: Street Food Business. After a lot of brainstorming, the research has begun and we’re already beavering away at our Macs. Watch this space. 

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