18 July 2012

Essay Ping-Pong

I think for a lot of us, and certainly myself, today was the day we realised how much work is coming our way over the next nine weeks. It did seem as though there was a slightly subdued atmosphere amongst the group in the late afternoon, as many of us had a few pieces rejected. Roberta picked up on this quite quickly though, and reassured us that it is still very early days. I don't feel too concerned at the moment, even if it can be a little disheartening, but I will certainly be relieved when the first one passes. Especially as my Unstable organisational skills will be severely tested by balancing resubmissions with new pieces. I should admit though, that these long hours and large workloads have forced my guilty pleasures to creep out of the dark corners of my iPod;Robbie Williams and even Take That(including the old stuff)have already made appearances, so god only knows what will be popping up in a couple of months. Looking forward, it seems as though we are set to have our first outing tomorrow, as Roberta told us all to wear comfortable shoes. So we have something different and slightly mysterious awaiting us.

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