21 July 2012

Broccoli breakdowns and weekend challenges...

Today we had our first PMA Saturday experience. Compared to the rest of the week it was a bit more chilled, with one-to-one meetings with Roberta during the morning and spelling (eurgh) with Keith. That could have gone better to say the least, although it could have gone much worse too! Spelling is one of biggest weaknesses: I confessed it was only about 6/10 on a good day. But it turns out that other people aren't great either which was a relief to me! In pairs we had to correct lots of spellings in 18 rather bizarre sentences. The best score anyone got was 42 mistakes in their corrections, and that was Tom and Ben. Seeta and I came in 3rd with 68, despite Seeta's 'broccoli breakdown' (I just had to ask Lucy how to spell broccoli again - sorry Keith). We had no choice but to head to McDonalds for some comfort food immediately after.

The one to one meeting with Roberta left me feeling more positive though. She told me I had had a good week and was 'getting there' with some of my news stories. It's true, I do feel I've had a  good week, or good in a PMA sense anyway. I have actually really enjoyed this week - more than I thought I would, although I know it is going to get massively more stressful. It's good to feel that I'm actually working for what I care about and what I want to do; it is way easier to focus here than sitting in literature lectures learning about books I really didn't care about.

We also talked through my cover letter I had written. We have to start applying for jobs already, which is terrifying, but at least they are getting us properly prepared. Needless to say that my cover letter wasn't any better than any of the news stories I've done this week - another resubmission to do!

This afternoon we were given our weekend's...challenge for want of a better word! We have to go to any event in London and find a 225w news story from it, but not about it, by 6pm tomorrow. Easier said than done! Without sounding like a horrible human being it would be helpful if somebody had a minor heart attack or something at the River of Music event I'm planning to head to tomorrow.

I'm already feeling completely overwhelmed by all the work I already have to do, and how long my to do list is getting after just one week, but I'm enjoying it too. Everyone on the course is great which was one of my worries before it started and I'm even a bit less scared of Roberta now! Next week is all about multimedia journalism which scares me a little. Fingers crossed!

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