10 May 2012

Employment! Phew.

So this is definitely my last post...I will have to accept that our class is over and the "new lot" will be coming in through the doors in a few months. Long live class of winter 2012!
My main news is that I HAVE A JOB! I was offered the post yesterday at my second interview, as a reporter at New Model Adviser (Citywire).
It is the job I wanted, and I start Monday.
So two months exactly after graduation and not only do I get a job, but I even get a couple of options to choose from!
Who knew I'd go down the financial journalism path? Not me. But it turns out that the more sectors you try out, the more you discover what you enjoy writing about.
One last tip: there are divided opinions about unpaid work experience at PMA, but if you graduate and you need to fill some time while applying for jobs, I would definitely recommend it. You will get bylines every day (if you choose the right publication) and you can bulk up your portfolio. Plus, it will keep you out of your pyjamas.
It has not been an easy two months, but I've had plenty of support from Keith, Riva and Roberta. I hope this post will inspire the summer class to just keep applying, always keep applying!

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