05 March 2012

Start of our final week

There was a lot of filing to be done in the last few days as we had to hand in all our folders and notebooks today.

A recommendation for any prospective postgrads: keep adding people to your contacts book as you go along interviewing them. If you come to a point where you’re trying to decipher numbers from a page with notes on five different topics, it’s going to take a while.

Even though today felt mostly relaxed, all this filing and law revision made me miss my placement and wish I would rather be chasing stories and phoning up people.

There is still a lot to think about with law and proofreading exams and shorthand practice tomorrow as well as updating and finding news stories for the Seaside Business website, but the end is near..

I better get on with some job apps now, before I receive any further threats from Keith.

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