04 March 2012

One more week...

So now we've finished our placements, we are back to PMA for our final week of the course. A few of us popped in yesterday to print a few things off and it was really strange to go back there.

I'm pretty sure this is my last blog post so for all the future PMAers, here's an insight to what you're life will be like for nine weeks. You will
  • Experience highs and lows, with Roberta on hand to take tear management classes
  • Learn a lot about yourself and other people
  • Have sleepless nights about the magazine
  • Dream in shorthand
  • Eat lots of doughnuts
  • Make a cake for your placement (it will go down a treat with the editor)
  • Try not to stress (hard I know)
  • Make sure you do lots of shorthand
  • Read your copy before you submit it
  • And more importantly try and enjoy yourself!
You'll be a fantastic journalist at the end of it.

At the beginning of the course it's safe to say I was terrified. Leaving home for the first time, cooking for myself (can be debated whether I've done much of that) and training to be a journalist were all incredibly daunting. Now, I'm enjoying living away from home, I've got the skills to be a good journalist and my confidence has rocketed. I would like to say I can cook but clearly that's not true...

PMA will be the toughest nine weeks of your life but nine of the best too. I've met some lovely people on this course and I hope we stay in touch in the future. I'm looking forward to starting my job as a reporter for just-style working alongside fellow PMAer Andy who will be working on just-drinks.

With our exams looming, it's time to revise...


  1. I know you meant looming...and it's a spelling test this week too. K

  2. Whoops! Glad I've changed that now. Better brush up on my spelling...


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