07 March 2012

Nine weeks pregnant with a seaside-themed baby

The past two days of cramming for exams have left us all in a bit of a daze. We were pretty much done in by the afternoon, after squinting at our proofing exam and frantically scrawling out our last-ever PMA shorthand test. Roberta walked into the office at about 5pm, to find us all looking a bit like this:

Otherwise put: Absolutely. Drained. We sprinted to the pub as soon as we could.

But no rest for us wicked lot just yet. The Seaside Business website is going live on Friday, alongside the launch of our print issue. The buzz of another press-day has been returning, with everyone hunting down new stories. The office is humming with the sounds of Pam and Michael fine-tuning their podcasts, Lucy's expert HTML explanations, Ced organising and rifling through yet more news, and me and Andy singing loudly (and beautifully, no matter what the others might tell you) as we tackle a fresh stack of subs.

As Roberta frequently reminds us, the PMA course is like being pregnant, except nine months have been shortened into weeks. And everything is kicking off as the official conception of our Seaside Baby Business draws nearer, which we'll get to see in print for the first time. Okay, so half of us might have chain-smoked their way through the entire gestation period, and the other wolfed down unhealthy amounts of junk food. But we'll ignore that bit. We're still excited about being proud, if exhausted, parents of a healthy glowing online/print product on Friday's launch. Which will be bawling out all its glory and fabulousness. We hope.

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