08 March 2012

Katie's mum has got in goin' on

So, as boot camp draws to a close and we prepare to waltz into the clutches of the big bad world, spirits are high at PMA Towers. With morale on the up, the jokes have been coming thick and fast. Sadly, most are of the 'Andy Morton Special' variety but Keith has been getting in on the act too. Katie was less than impressed to see her mum made the subject of a grotesque innuendo. Shameful.

Anyway, everyone passed their proofing, subbing, shorthand and magazine industry exams, with super-sub Pui posting some particularly impressive results and hitting 100 WPM, so big hoorah on that front.

Keep your fingers crossed nobody has to endure a media law re-sit today!

Studying libel law is one thing I won't miss but there are many other aspects of the course I will pine for on Monday: free newspapers, coffee on tap, shorthand to music, Roberta, Keith, Riva and all my other course comrades etc etc etc.

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