05 March 2012

Alone in the PMA office last week, I came up with a segment of html to insert into the programming document for the SeasideBusiness website. I created a competition form for readers to submit their ideas for regenerative projects, to enter a draw for a basket of oysters. Unfortunately I've been told that the website has been programmed in html5, which makes my geeky private initiative somewhat extraneous. But hey.

On a more exciting note, I did get a call from the publicist for EON Productions, the company which oversees the James Bond films, in response to a comment request on an article I found in the Mirror. She told me that the lengthy piece the Mirror ran on the fact that several of the scenes from new film Skyfall had been filmed in Bognor Regis was, in fact, not true. So I wrote another story refuting the Mirror's.

Unfortunately an invitation I was extended from Blackpool Winter Gardens for an advertorial, linked to a visit to the town, never materialised. I will have to wait till graduation for my field trip to the British coast. By that time I swear we will have earned it. I could do with a bit of a bit of a vitamin E boost after the length of time I have spent closeted in this office without sunlight!

Perhaps I will visit a coastal festival - the subject of my latest Seaside Business feature. Tickets to Bestival at the Isle of Wight being hard to come by, there are fortunately a variety of lesser-known events. The National Student Drama Festival at Scarborough, the Bram Stoker International Film festival at Whitby (I've always wanted to get dressed up as a vampire for a week), or even Morecambe's renowned Sandcastle Festival. Anywhere I am allowed to deploy a bucket and spade.

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