16 February 2012

We (almost) have lift-off!

The magazine is done! Well, all copy and layouts anyway. Our week of DTP has come to an end.

After all the cursing, word-stretching, subbing, re-subbing, proofing, re-proofing and tree-killing, our pages have been laid to rest. All that remains is the pre-flight check tomorrow morning, after which we can pull the trigger on Seaside Business.

I don't remember ever feeling this proud about anything. But then I don't remember ever working this hard at anything. It is extremely rewarding flicking through the 'dummy' copy of the magazine and seeing all our efforts on paper.

It's a massive weight off our collective shoulders, and it feels good. We got to finish early today, and tomorrow we get to start an hour later. Such luxury!

Of course, there is still a lot of work circling above us. General features, resubs, news for the website, placement, reviews, obituaries, job hunting, media law, shorthand, yada yada yada.

But I don't care about that right now. The stress can wait until tomorrow. Creating a magazine is a bad-ass achievement, and we deserve to enjoy the moment. Good job everyone, well fucking done!


  1. Well done team. It was enjoyable working with you all in my combined role of tutor and technician, handling the page-makeup and reprographics side of things. — Conrad


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