07 February 2012

Shorthand Karaoke

Shorthand instructor Richard today came in with a new teaching aid: musical shorthand. After a brief rendition of "Like a bridge over troubled water," which he drew in elegant calligraphy on the whiteboard in time with the music, we submitted requests to the YouTube jukebox. And tried our hardest to keep a straight face. Ced's video recording of the event will no doubt go viral as soon as he uploads it. We ended our singalong session with Westlife's "Flying without wings" which some found a little too emotive to keep to their requisite 40 words a minute.

As regards the magazine, my day was less productive. For once no one picked up the phone, or called back. The one response for a comment I received came in the form of a press release that replicated the eGov report on my desk. On the plus side, my feature on the impact of the 2005 gambling act on seaside casinos and arcades has been well received, so dredging through parliamentary minutes and legislation did not go entirely to waste. And I had great fun designing my front cover draft.

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