06 February 2012

Seaside Pizza Magazine..?

When you call up Pizza Hut and almost say "I'm from Seaside Business Magazine", something is very wrong. Or very right. I don't know anymore.

Is it wrong or right to be in the office doing shorthand at 10.30pm? Because that's what Helen and I were doing. Yes, we were sad enough to go into the office on a Sunday. Why do you think we needed the pizza? We got up to 50wpm before sense kicked in and made us leave.

I'd described conversations with Roberta as "getting a hug and a punch in the face". That was pretty much what happened yesterday. Apparently I don't need to worry about my non-existent second feature, the skeleton of my general feature and the mountain of resubs. At the same time, we're not going to have a magazine at the rate we're going. Half an hour of stress management and reassuring patter, followed by a discourse on how behind we are.

Week 5 is going to be memorable. All news done within the next couple of days. All copy done within the week. Subbing at the weekend. Roberta once mentioned a time when we will begin to feel a 'buzz' in the room. I'm starting to feel it, only I'm not sure it's a 'buzz'. It feels like I've got my pants down, and someone's set the toilet on fire.

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