20 February 2012


I was rather apprehensive about starting my placement at Retail Week. I knew I'd come across as a bit too young, smiling nervously and spluttering sentences. The office was very nice and friendly, although most of them didn't know who I was or why I was there. It makes me determined not to be a typical intern and prove that, in three weeks time, I will be a qualified journalist.

I spent today calling round various retailers asking for pictures of their shop fronts for a feature. When some of them didn't reply, I made a list, grabbed a battered A-Z and hit the tube to take the pictures myself.

This seemed like an excellent plan with a list of about ten shops, all scattered across the city. But then I severely  underestimated how long it would take to walk along Hampstead High Street and then take the tube to Kensington High Street. So I reluctantly came back to the office in the dark, having only photographed two stores. However, as real work seems to start so much later than PMA, I can get a few done tomorrow morning.

Also, no one chose to tell me that I had toothpaste on my cheek until I went to the bathroom around 11am. Oh, for shame!

I was delighted to see that most of the office cleared out around half five. This made it decidedly easier for me to demonstrate my work ethic by staying an extra forty minutes.

The PMA Postgrads have been emailing each other fish puns most of the evening. I haddock better get on with some feature ideas.  Bye for now.

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