11 February 2012

Our last Saturday at PMA

I'm pleased to say my mood has picked up since the last blog. Pam informed me that today would be our last Saturday at PMA. I was pretty sure we still had four weeks left last time I checked. Little did I know that she was right because we don't have to go into placement on Saturdays. YAY!

I can't believe how fast the course is going! I'm really going to miss everyone when the course is over!

We started laying out the pages for the magazine today and it's really starting to come together.

Our afternoon fun was talking in different accents. I was also called various names, which I WILL NOT repeat on here. From Scouser to Geordie, Irish to Welsh, I think we covered most of them. The award for most entertaining accent went to Michael.

Tomorrow I will be spending the day revising for our media law mock exam on Monday. The endless amount of re-subs, shorthand and magazine work will also fill my time.

I'm bracing myself for the late nights next week but looking forward to celebrating on Friday night!

Anyway, best go and drag Pam away from Tom Hardy on the Jonathon Ross show...

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