01 February 2012

Of munchkins and dice

When you get to a point where the word "die" is just the singular of "dice", you know you've had too much Monopoly. (And this does not mean we have time to sit around and play Monopoly.)

Another sign of tiredness is having random moments that make everyone crack up. A shorthand exercise about Egypt and camels caused much hilarity today. Andy had to leave the room for a while and Richard, our shorthand tutor, couldn’t suppress his amusement, which made everything even funnier.

Afterwards we were given a chance of creativity in shorthand and came up with sentences about munchkin-punching Frenchmen munching their lunch on the bench.

It makes more sense if you write it in shorthand.

Subbing today involved making a few of us embarrassed about the articles we’ve submitted, as one of Keith’s exercises was subbing our own work from the first week. 

And tomorrow is another day of subbing and I’m sure I will realise soon enough that all of the sentences in this post could be rewritten in a much better way.

But for now I’ll feign ignorance and think that everything is going to be fine, fine, fine...

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