03 February 2012

Media Law II

Today was the second half of our media law classes. This meant we spent the day learning about such joys as malicious falsehood, privacy, breach of confidence and contempt of court.

Some interesting facts we learnt:

  • Bloggers are not anonymous. (Watch out, Rory Butternuts!)
  • If you sue for Libel you don't have to prove the information published is untrue. 
  • Using pictures from google in a website is copyright infringement. 
  • Recording someone without their knowledge is not necessarily illegal. 
Tomorrow marks the end of subbing week. The most exhausting week of the course so far.
Watch out future PMA-ers, subbing is tiring and difficult. Also, make use of every spare moment to make phone calls because you never know when you will next have the chance.

In other news, we are all working on general features. With topics ranging from pole dancing (Rachel), to the role of grandparents (Pam), they are going to make very interesting reading. Mine is a piece on the influence video games have on architecture. Surprisingly, they have quite the impact on some designers.

In three minutes we have a meeting for Seaside Business. I am tempted to develop 'meeting bingo' with phrases such as "too commercial", "has legs" and "who has pictures".

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