19 February 2012

Job title:
Chief assistant public liaison and consultation officer for the regeneration of Chaffinch habitats at Little Drivelling Council

Job description:
The ideal candidate will be comfortable with a heavily diluted level of responsibility and will be proficient in making a gaff of even the most straightforward tasks. Most of their spare time will be spent watching the Thick Of It because they’re passionate about government affairs. They will also be well-versed in deflecting media enquiries to a press team who know even less about Council policy than we do!

If you’re thinking of doing this course (and I recommend that you do) then there’s a good chance you could confront people like this whilst producing your own magazine. Working on Seaside Business has meant we have spent rather a lot of time speaking to local authorities in an attempt to find out what they’re doing to breathe life into the UK coastline. Despite the incompetence of assorted secretaries, middle-managers and pen-pushers, we always manage to get hold of the person with the answers.

Thanks to that perseverance, Seaside Business is all wrapped up. You can take a look at the results here.

Next week we're all on placement. Fingers crossed we all manage to grab plenty of bylines!

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