22 February 2012

Injection of confidence

We have just completed our third day of placement and I'm really enjoying it at Nursing Times. The team are lovely, not just because they had cakes today (which of course was a bonus) but I even made a new friend. She's an American intern and we've been comparing how our lives are very different!

With two features for the website, an interview for the magazine and a quiz to do, I certainly have lots to be getting on with. Roberta, I think I may have changed my perception of features. Shock, horror!

The prospect of interviewing someone for half an hour six weeks ago would have been terrifying. PMA and placement certaintly inject you with confidence. Even Pam's noticed a difference in my attitude!

So I've been taking all of Roberta's advice and started making noise by ringing people, networking and of course asking lots of questions. We did a webchat today on how the public view nurses and some of the responses were quite interesting. You could feel the tension rising between two people who did not exactly share the same views.

Anyway better finish my general feature and obituary.

Until the next time...

Much love x

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