25 February 2012

A song for Saturday

Ah, Saturday. I used to hate you when we were on the PMA course -- up at 8am just so Roberta can tell me what I'm doing wrong -- but now I'm in the real world of work placement you are an oasis of calm between drunk Friday and Sunday's mad dash to clear the decks of resubs.

Anyway, here's a little poem for this most treasured of days. Read on: it features all of your mums.

Once upon a Saturday
I woke up bright and fresh
and rolled around inside my bed
to put it to the test
that just for once I did not have
to drag my tired behind
out of the door to PMA
and torture most unkind

No more donuts, no more cakes
and tests of our abilities
or Michael giving public voice
to sexual proclivities
No shortland, law or DTP
and definitly no wringing
of hands that itch to cease the noise
of Pui and Andy's singing

But most of all no early mornings
up before the dawn
When Ced has thunder in his eyes
hid beneath a yawn
And I can stay wrapped up in bed
deep beneath the covers
to close my eyes, think dirty thoughts
of everybody's mothers.

(They are probably about my age)



  1. Was this from "Stacey's mum has got it going on"? Haha you never fail to entertain Andy!

  2. I think Katie's mum is coming to the graduation...


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