13 January 2012

You'd BETT-er believe it.

I know, I know, it's an awful pun, sorry. My sister threw a crisp packet at my head when she saw it.

Anyway. On with the post! After starting off our fifth day at PMA towers attending a mock press conference set up by Roberta, which gave us all a bit of a wake-up call as to just how much information we need to write a substantial news piece, we were told to comb the trade show jungle for eight news stories. So, off we went to brave the software and hardware experts at BETT, an annual trade show for educational technology at Kensington Olympia.

It was literally so vast that, for the whole time I was there, I only bumped into two PGs, out of the eleven of us. The whole experience was pretty fun, if not without its dark moments: within the first hour of being there, I looked down hopelessly at my notebook and realised that, despite the several people I’d spent ages speaking to, I only had enough material for half of one news story. I had to pick up the pace pretty sharpish; it was not a good feeling...

On the plus side, I finally had an excuse to whip out the snazzy business cards that PMA printed for us individually. I also lucked out when I came across two employees at a b2b monthly publication, who mentioned they were recruiting and that they might be in touch. Roberta’s been emphasising just how important these kinds of events are to make contacts, so this dash of luck has solidified it in my mind. The bottom of my bag was swimming with business cards by the time I wrapped things up for the day, so the tentative first step towards filling the contact diary has turned into a bit more of a bound now. Now that’s a good feeling.

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