19 January 2012

Shark-infested waters and cucumber

Day 11. How did that happen?

Through a blur of resubmissions, scrawled notes, fuzzy shorthand outlines and a sea of empty coffee cups, I can proudly say that my thoughts are lucid and I'm stubbornly eating my daily salad. I look on as Katie eats a jam donut without gaining an ounce, and I continue to crunch resentfully on a slab of cucumber. Healthy eating is my way of staying sane, as I have had many negative caffeine and sugar related incidents in the past.

I am very much enjoying the course so far. As a group we get on well and are all mutually supportive. I was thrilled to be elected as editor and I really hope I don't let the team down. We all seem to be buzzing with ideas and energy and are impatient to get on with our magazine - Seaside Business. The only problem is finding enough time in between tasks to pick up the phone.

I hear a rumour that we may have some kind of social gathering tomorrow evening and I am very excited about this. The past ten days I have been far too sensible, eating a ridiculous amount of salad etc.

Talk about being thrown in the deep end - if you haven't been a PMA Postgrad then you're the equivalent of a toddler with inflatable arm bands, while we are the dodgy but determined surfers in shark-infested waters.

Anyway....it's tough but I love it.

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