20 January 2012

Party time!

We are now into the second round of blogging and I’m up first. Thought I better make a start on it this morning, before I forget again!

Nearly two weeks in and I can safely say that we are not as fresh-faced as when we started the course. Coffee certainly helps with the early mornings. It’s safe to say that when you start this course, you will become addicted.

Yesterday, we went to Camden (see a pattern emerging yet?) to get some voxpops on what people think about Camden market. So Pam, Michael and myself, also known as the three musketeers, trotted off to speak to some… interesting people.

The day consisted of choking on biscuits, bang bang chicken and meeting an undercover policeman. It was one of the funniest days yet!

However much it hurts us all, we are dragging ourselves away from the office tonight, (after we have done all our endless about of resubmissions, of course) for our flat party. A shorthand drinking game has been proposed so I think Andy and myself will be trailing behind on that one. 

Anyway, lots of resubmissions to get through so until the next time… 

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