18 January 2012

Our First Rounding Number

We are now at the end of day 10. As Multimedia Journalists, we like rounding numbers. Why? Easy, they make news. Today we celebrate our first rounding number at PMA, and we are still alive. Even if the lack of sleep is increasingly visible on our faces, I must say we are becoming more noisy as we are supposed to be. Fundamental quality of a multimedia journalist.
Actually I have a lucky day for blogging, as we spent part of this afternoon learning the importance of social networks and blogs. Dan gave us a lot of work to do, and he tought us in two days some super-clever tips on how to make the most of the giant multitasking "uncle" google.
With Richard we did our first shorthand test at 30 words per minute. It was better than expectations. Just some arguing wether women are supposed to be more keen than man.
The second meeting of Seaside Business was successful. With flowering ideas, and the right energy. The editor is leading the orchestra as a professional music director. Deputy, News, and Cyber editor are all ready to go. Keep following Seaside Business, breaking news are on their way.

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