24 January 2012

Operation Twitter Is Go

Today's big scoop: Seaside Business has launched a Twitter account! Follow us on @seasidebusiness for updates on coastal goings-on. (Note the little bit of sneaky spam-blocking HTML happening in this post too. Hopefully I've done our web tutor Dan proud.)

In other news, Roberta further eased us into the big bad world of features, before whammying us with an overview of the workload we face over the coming weeks. It's safe to say that our lever arch files will be cracking with the strain of trying to contain our portfolios very, very soon. So much to do, so very little time.

Also, former PG Charlie came to visit us at PMA HQ today to give us the lowdown on financial journalism. He impressed us with how his sentences have earned him a stream of steaks, exotic travels and a good bit of moolah. He also, shall we say, quite colourfully outlined his experiences with colleagues from hell, as well as how he once  ill-advisedly skipped a day of PMA to catch the rugby game (moral of the story? DON'T DO IT).

All this to the sounds of everyone scarfing down Michael's leftover birthday cake, and the occasional heated debate over footballers' salaries.

Now, I must turn my weary and bleary eyes to my growing stack of resubs and a Skype 'witter'-type interview. Ta for now...

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