31 January 2012

In need of a boost please…

So we’re in week four now and the work just keeps on flowing. Today, I’m really starting to feel the pressure and in need of a boost. I thought coffee would keep me going but I think I need something stronger!

Having no doughnuts makes is so much worse. Everyone knows I am partial to the odd doughnut or four but I haven’t eaten any for two days now! It’s hurting inside but I’m determined not to give in.

No fear! Andy is here! His Dad jokes keep us all entertained and almost certain to get top marks on the daily news quiz. Not sure the Metro is Keith’s first choice of newspaper but it’s worth a shot!  

We started subbing today. We drowned ourselves in grammar, apostrophes, spelling and homonyms. We have more of it to look forward to tomorrow! 

Let the fun times begin!

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