11 January 2012

"if a piece of work isn’t exemplary then it’s back to the drawing board"

So far Helen and Katie have focussed on the tough workload and long hours the new PG clan have been confronting. I can certainly see why. Roberta and Keith don’t let us settle for average, good, OK or adequate. Quite simply, if a piece of work isn’t exemplary then it’s back to the drawing board.

But I want to take this opportunity to speak briefly about some of the good bits I’ve enjoyed so far. Shorthand, for instance, has been a lot of fun. Much of that is down to the fact Richard is a pleasure to work with and has a genuine enthusiasm for the material. Our first forays into informal speed testing have also introduced some friendly competition into the group.

On that note, camaraderie amongst the team is growing by the day. I was conscious before starting the course that my own success would be influenced by my peers and their level of commitment. Teamwork will be vital when it comes to putting together the magazine in future weeks so I’m delighted to tell you that all my fellow PG’s are smart, auspicious and talented. I’m looking forward to working with all of them.

Two former PGs kindly dropped in today to give us some tips and tell us a few anecdotes about their own experiences on the course. It was good to hear someone speak so positively about the whole process having recently gone through it themselves. But the best bit? We had to wait until this evening to meet them. Why? Because they came from their jobs. We all aspire to be in that position and it’s great to see our predecessors taking their first steps in journalism.

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