22 January 2012

Happy birthday to me...

Mercifully, Roberta and Keith cut us some slack this weekend so I was able to enjoy my 23rd birthday today without enduring the normal commute into London. But despite not having any fresh assignments dealt out to us, we all have plenty of re-submissions, blogs and research to be getting on with. No rest for the wicked.

This week we've been vlogging, blogging, klouting and hashtagging our way around the world of digital journalism. You might think that should be a piece of (birthday) cake for someone about to turn 23. Not so.

I was initially flummoxed by the amount of data involved in web analytics and despite being well versed in the ways of Twitter, the task of coaxing a meaningful narrative from of our vox-pop footage seemed a tall order.

Thankfully, with some expert guidance and a lot of hard work, I'm now a whizz in everything from HTML to SEO and back. More importantly, I can see how that knowledge will help me get a job. Plenty of magazines are struggling to get to grips with the changes being imposed on them by changing technology. Now I can step into an interview and confidently explain how I'm able to change all that.

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