23 January 2012

The Fun of Features

Having lost one member of our wonderful team, the despair and panic is starting to set in. Work is piling up and we are slowly creating a resubmissions mountain. However, the atmosphere was actually positive today. This was probably due to the delicious chocolate cake Roberta brought in for Michael.

Today we learnt about the wonderful world of features. No one seems to read them anymore, but apparently they are still an important part of magazines. The trick is to break them up with boxes and pictures so the reader doesn’t actually notice the length of the piece. Sneaky.

We are all trying to master the peculiar skill of pulling a feature from a news article. It doesn’t sound too hard, but for some it can be a difficult one to get right.

We also looked at question and answer pieces, profiles, and ‘a day in the life’ pieces. Cue two homework tasks: A telephone Q & A piece and a day in the life piece, both from people we know. We are now hassling facebook friends we have never previously spoken to in a wild attempt to get something good. I’m hoping for an interview with a stand-up comedian and a ‘day in the life’ profile of a fitness junkie. It’s amazing what friends from school end up doing.

The day ended with a Seaside Business magazine meeting. We have realized we really need to get cracking on content, so by the end of the week we are all aiming to get 3 news articles to Ced, our News Editor. We haven’t yet started to bitterly resent him, but it is only a matter of time.

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