17 January 2012

Facebook and beyond...

A week and a half in and this morning there was a collective sigh from the class as Dan Thornton came in to tell us all about the internet, social media and why it is so amazing to editors that we can use it. "Ha, Facebook?! Twitter?! Step aside mister" Oh how naive we were..

So SEO, Klout and Wikio (now ebuzzing, which put a spanner in the works) are what he's talking about. And a cheeky bit of HTML just to make our heads spin the full 360. After shorthand and online news in one day the English language is no longer translating from the PGers heads to their mouths and so random grunts of defeat can be heard across the room. I don't think the internet being down for an hour or so during our BLOGGING lesson helped. See what I did there Dan? This man has made me an internet whiz... NOT.

That is why I am grateful that Katie and I had to conveniently pick up the shiny new keys to our flat whilst this headache was happening at the office. (By the way, applicants of the summer course, a word of warning: do not live the other side of London. It only adds to the exhaustion/lack of eating/overeating of chocolate and midnight microwave meals.) Blissfully unaware, Katie and I thundered down the streets (and tubes) of Camden to get to Archway then back to Argos and back to PMA and over to Golder's Green and over to Sainsbury's.. and now to bed I think. (Sorry Keith, my sentences are far too long; slapped wrist.)

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