30 January 2012

Day.... 1035.

Joking! Of course it's not day number 1035. It's only the start of week four and we are all still bright-eyed, (eye drops), busy-tailed (collagen injection), intellectually stimulated (caffeine pills) and ready to rumble!

We are churning out work faster than a McDonald's Drive Thru. And the warm feeling of getting a comment from Roberta such as "well done" or "good job" certainly tastes better than a Big Mac. Equally, Keith's circling of an awkwardly-constructed phrase with the word "yuk" in capitals tastes worse than a McFlurry left out overnight.

This week is features week and it has been hard to lose the more rigid news-style and just...let it flow. I've gone from one extreme to the other: at university I would put a rant to paper and call it "comment". At PMA I can't even write a sentence without emphasising the WHAT and the WHY and maybe end with a quote. God forbid that I write what I think! My opinion silently simmers in the back of my mind, most likely to let out a snigger when I'm reading the lifestyle pieces in the Metro.

The great thing about being editor of Seaside Business is having a news editor, a features editor, a deputy editor and an online editor. It's kind of like they are the protective ozone layer - it would take an awfully determined meteor to burn through that. And by the time it gets to me, it is small and shrivelled-looking.

Anyway, must get on with podcast preparation. Ciao for now.

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