10 January 2012

The beginning...

So first of all I must apologise for the late blog. One day into the course and I forget something (I knew it wouldn't take long). Me being me, I didn’t look on who was first to be doing the blog. I did hope I would walk in today and find it was someone else, but that didn't happen. Just my luck!

The first of many days in the office (as we like to call it) and we get to hit Camden Town! Before you jump to conclusions, no, it didn’t consist of partying and getting drunk. We were set a challenge to find the nearest and cheapest places to buy things from, including a corn snake. It was good to get familiar with the area as knowing me I would/will get lost.

The news test was simply an epic failure and I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone when I say that!

We discussed the structure of magazines and talked about the issues surrounding our magazine: Seaside Business.

I just checked when I need to blog and was quite surprised that my name only appeared on it three times, compared to everyone else who are listed at least five times. Don’t think I will get away with that for long…

Until the next time…

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