28 January 2012

At the point when you start crying with laughter about the existence of ninjas and the sport (sorry Ced, martial art) Ninjutsu, it is probably time to go home.

Katie and I are looking forward to a night of no TV and internet for the third week, but we will dissect the gossip from last night's shenanigans over a bottle of wine. This morning was a very speedy affair, with everyone pretending to soldier on through their exhaustion after a night of fun at the Edinboro Castle.

But then, the breaking news that no work would be thrown at us today acted like a ninja to the jugular in waking us up (or killing us from the shock). Roberta had a date with Sainsbury's and clearly angling took precedent for Keith today so we were left to our own devices to work on the Himalayas of resubmissions and have a productive meeting for the magazine.

To quote "multimedia journalist ninja" Ced Yuen: "Today is the first time I have felt like everything is coming together on the magazine." It's true: somewhere in between the mass of ripped and scribbled papers, empty cans and donut boxes from Katie's desk, there are some great ideas for features, news, and pictures. Our online presence is  also becoming something of an obsession for Lucy, who is lucky she works for the publication or else I'm sure Google Analytics would raise concerns over how much she stalks our rankings.

Oh and, getting caught up in the crazy two days that have just passed, I forget to mention that I was made Features Editor on Thursday! I have sent my first "Bossy Bit" email out already but I hope I don't become power mad or else someone might just "isolate one of your nerve points and paralyse it," according to ninja extraordinaire Ced Yuen...

I think a Sunday off is surely needed.

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