21 January 2012

And in the latest news...

No, this is not going to be a news article. Today we had another day full of writing news articles out of press releases. Mistakes galore. However, it was a huge relief to hear that Roberta and Keith didn’t have a surprise for us and we could all go on working on our ever-expanding pile of resubmissions. On second thought, I guess the lack of surprise was the surprise.

Last night we had a PMA social at Katie and Pam’s new flat. It featured some oversharing, debate on Margaret Thatcher and stay-at-home dads. Overall, I think everyone was enjoying themselves. Especially Michael.

Which brings me to Michael, tomorrow’s birthday boy. Happy birthday to him in advance! I’m sure he’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. He also received a birthday present that is now on display at the PMA offices.

Although it's only the second week drawing to a close, it already feels like it’s been a month.
Maybe it’s the amount of things we’ve learnt? I believe that a week ago most of us didn’t know how to use Google Analytics, check somebody’s Klout score, or film and edit a two-minute masterpiece on Camden market.

It’s been exhausting, but I’m looking forward to Monday.

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