27 October 2011

And another one joins the employed club

Well I have to say I think I have officially landed my dream job.

This week I started at British Baker magazine as a multimedia reporter and it's been crazily busy, but unbelievable to get stuck in straight away. Today I have been recording and editing a 'How to make Halloween cupcakes' video. In two weeks time I shall be doing more video and meeting industry contacts in Scotland and Ireland. And I have my first feature coming out in the 4 November issue.

Previous to this I did some contracted work at PRWeek magazine for four weeks. I was fortunate to get this work, but I worked hard during my two-week placement with them at PMA to prove that I was good enough for the job.

As part of my four weeks contracted work there, I produced the following video:

For the PGs starting in January 2012, I wanted to give you an insight as to what you could be doing after the course. I promise you the hard work, sweat, tears and sleepless nights during the PG course is worth it. I am writing, blogging and filming about a topic I love. I'm getting the opportunities to do stuff I never could of imagined. Plus the other PGs on my course have landed themselves some fantastic jobs.

Keep each other motivated, always try everything that is thrown at you and read and write as much as you can.

Good luck and see you on the other side.


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