08 September 2011

The whole nine weeks

So we've done it, as of tomorrow! The most surreal, rewarding, fast-paced, emotional, challenging time of my life. And yet it seems sad to let it go but I'm ready and raring to get a job.

I look back and thing of all the things I've done and achieved...

- Written over 20 news stories in the first week of the course
- Survived Roberta and Keith's scary news, spelling and grammar tests (I'm sure they will find something in this blog post that is incorrect!)
- Interviewed Valerie Singleton at the 50+ Show
- Visited London's first surf festival, writing a story on it, and then putting my fellow PGs in the position of re-writing it for a subbing assignment (sorry guys!)
- Achieved 50wpm at shorthand, and I promise Richard that I will push this up to 70wpm!
- Written, designed and produced High Street Business magazine with some of the most talented journalists that I know will go far
- Undergone a two-week placement where I managed to fill up my contacts book from 20 people to 102
- Completed and passed five exams in the space of two days (law, shorthand, proofreading, grammar and magazine industry)
- Lost eight pounds, although I'm told this is rare so prepared to get fat if you're doing this course... Costa and Sainsburys are just around the corner
- Found a new love for B2B magazines, something I despised when I worked in PR
- Become both nocturnal and an early bird

I know there's probably a hundred more things for this list that I can't even comprehend at the moment because it all went by in a flash and running on adrenalin often means temporary memory loss. And I know we're all going to be grasping on to the hours in the day tomorrow, especially when there's a cheese board and wine involved.

But I'm going to take this opportunity to say thanks to these people below for everything over these past two months. Getting a place on this course back in January was initially the most exciting thing that had happened to me this year. But actually doing the course and realising by the first hour on day one that this is what I want to do means so much to me right now.

Here's who I want to thank:

Roberta, Keith, Riva, Nina, Sonal
Melodie, Krissie, Becky, Tom, Mags, Lottie, Ploy
Richard, Ron, Dan (online), Dan (law), Tom (video)

Unbelievable, that's all I can say.


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