07 September 2011

Two days to go...

This is my last blog...

Today we finished our exams. I cannot believe we're here. This course has felt like the longest, most challenging experience of my life, and at the same time it went by in a heartbeat. I remember our first day and the scavenger hunt around Camden... We were all so nervous and shy! This has changed a lot and we now have all the skills and confidence necessary to make it as journalists.

Even though we are all looking forward to Friday, there's also a strange feeling of nostalgia around the office. Today we talked very fondly about the course to a prospective postgrad (Cedric if you're reading us!), and that's when I realised how much we have accomplished since our own interviews.

That day I got out of the building thinking there was no way I would get a place. After all, I had done terribly at the news quiz (whereas now... maybe not), and I had struggled to understand Keith's mumbles (I actually thought I was incapable of deciphering the British accent... turns out it's just Keith's). But here I am, about to graduate, and ready to start sourcing stories like a news hound!

I know we are all going to get great jobs and be super busy (although not as busy as during this course), but I really hope we will all keep in touch. I have made amazing friends here and I truly believe I wouldn't have made it without the support we all gave each other throughout these nine weeks... Friendship on PMA means never having to eat chocolate alone... Thanks for that everyone!

Now it is time to go back to the real world, get back in shape (bye-bye late night biscuits and sleep deprivation!), see our friends and family, and start a career. A very exciting new chapter...


  1. Thank you very much for talking to me the other day. I really appreciated all the information and advice you had to offer.

    Oh, almost forgot - I have been given a place the course!

  2. Yaaay!! So happy for you Cedric! Glad you appreciated the information, I hope we didn't scare you away, it was pretty hectic by that time... But you'll be happy to know that we're all doing pretty well! Ploy and I have jobs, Sammi is working freelance, Lottie is doing a placement that should lead to a job after Christmas... I'm not too sure about the other, but it hasn't even been a month since graduation day! So be prepared for a crazy journey, but keep in mind that it's all worth it!


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