05 September 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel!

So placement is over and we are back in the bubble!

My brief experience of the real world was very enjoyable, I got to write loads of stuff and I had a lovely editor, which helped.

We started off the day today with a thorough de-brief on all of our placements. Having heard about everybody else's experiences, I think I have been really jammy with the amount I got to write. I didn't have to do any nagging at all to get given enough to do!

Ever since (it is now nearly 3pm), we have been sorting out our folders and resubs for the external examiner tomorrow. I'm mainly panicking about the law exam...once that's out of the way I will be chillaxing my way through the rest of the week.

Still no news on the job front. I know it wasn't my fault (grr mum and dad), but I really regret being born in 1989 and therefore graduating during the recession. It's such a bummer being rejected/ignored by job after job that I know full-well I could do, many with my eyes closed.

If you're an editor and you're reading this, I'm really good! Employ me!

Anyway this is my last post on the PMA blog...I cannot believe that nine-weeks is nearly up and I am so close to being an officially qualified journo.

Over and out!

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