30 September 2011

I am now officially a journalist

I GOT A JOB!!!!!
Those of you who followed our adventures already know I had two job interviews for a web reporter position at BigHospitality... I ended up not getting that job, but the editor said she was very impressed with me and she would recommend me for other positions at William Reed...
A week after the course ended, I received a call from the HR department telling me about a similar position available at the Meat Trades Journal and asking me if I was interested. Without even having to apply, I got an interview with the editor. Unfortunately I had already booked a flight home to visit my family so I had to wait a week.

The interview took place last Monday, and when I got out of it I wanted to cry. The part with the editor was fine, he asked me a lot of questions about the course and although it was hard to get a reaction from him, I thought I did okay... But then he took me to see the website's publisher, who gave me a good grilling. He kept insisting on my lack of experience, making me feel like I would be a burden if the company decided to hire me... I was pretty sure I wouldn't get the job, but the day after I got a call from HR offering me the position!

Ah, that phone call... The feeling of finally having a foot in the door... Knowing that from now on, things will only get better because I will just have more and more experience...

On the first day of PMA we were asked how we would know we had been successful during the course, and like most of us I answered "When I get a job." Two weeks after graduation day, I can say I have reached my goal. I am amazed at how fast things are moving for us PMA-ers... Doing job apps and going to interviews has made me realised how tough it is out there. We are competing against senior journalists with years of experience and yet, we manage to get editors' attention.

Three months ago I knew nothing about journalism, and today I can proudly say I am a journalist. The PMA course is not called "Become a journalist" for no reason... Best thing I've ever done in my life.

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