19 August 2011

Today's the day!

I admit my blog post was meant to be posted yesterday. However, I feel I have more than an adequate excuse for missing this particular deadline. I'm sitting here typing at 2.30am after an 18-hour stint at PMA. Still, I want to give those of you reading this blog an idea of what we have achieved as it's been one of the hardest/funniest/emotional days so far.

The team has been working ridiculously hard today, tonight and the early hours of this morning. High Street Business goes to press today (Friday) and we have subbed, proofread, designed and debated copy by the shed load. All I know wouldn't of been possible without Krissie's co-ordination skills as production editor... and the occasional 'erm'!

We've eaten reduced-price birthday cake, crispy aromatic duck pancakes, brownies, chocolate flapjacks and cookies (to name a few) to keep energy levels flowing. So if you're planning on doing this course, throw any expectations of dieting out the window!

We've said our goodbyes to two fantastic tutors today. The lovely Ron, who has helped to put together our vision of High Street Business on the page, and Richard the shorthand master who has helped us to achieve writing speeds of at least 40wpm. Both very sad departures and two people who have been so very patient with us all.

It goes to show that it's not just about teaching you the skills of a journalist on this course. It's about dealing with the real world, coping under pressure, working with others and showing how committed you are.

Ron said something about our group today that I'm going to end my blog on. In his farewell speech he mentioned that we were a dynamic group, full of a mix of personalities that gel together.

To give you an idea... Mags' frequent cringe outcries, Becky's FML it's Thursday comments and Tom's heavy sighing all seem slightly odd. But we've all got our own little quirks that we've come to love and with a short amount of time left with these guys, I know it's going to be one of the most rewarding and memorable times of my life.

So here's to press day High Street Business team. Drinks are on Keith tomorrow, wahey!


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