02 August 2011


Even the good writers sometimes make mistakes all sub-editors should probably know this.

Today we were thrown in the deep end with the first day of sub-editing. We worked through sheet after sheet of brain frazzling exercises on house style, spelling/grammar and sentence restructuring (verb not noun, first not second etc) to correct and tighten copy with the hope of leaving fewer of us seeing red on our submissions.

We also did shorthand tests to 40 and 50 wpm which, if passed, act as a backup if we fail the exam. Not incredibly reassuring.

Tonight we are starting the humiliating process of sub-editing each other's work... Mags's is up first!

And as always, the word load is getting heavy: an ever-present pile of resubmissions, features and three news stories is really starting to take its toll :( But not long left now...

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