10 August 2011

London's Burning

Actually, I'm not going to talk about the riots, which does go against the rules of headline writing that we learnt today, sorry Roberta! Oh dear, and an exclamation mark is in there too, evidently I am aiming this blog at the under 12s market. So the riots have been scary, not that we have seen much off screen but there have been sirens whizzing past and helicopters overhead for the last four nights. I sincerely hope this stops, it has been very scary.

However, this has not been as scary as the prospect of Press Day next Friday. We have one week and one day to get our content finished and the entire magazine designed. Oh dear. But we can do it, especially with bossy boots here as production editor :) We also have Ronaldo to aid the design process who is a fabulous teacher catering for all levels in the group, even me when I get big headed and school him on kerning, oops. Needless to say we are very excited to be puling together a sustainable, professional brand that 'pops' and reaches out to a cross niche market. I think we have high hopes but I know we can achieve exactly what we want.

Congratulation to Becky, our new Sub-editor, who has launched into the role with ample enthusiasm and skill, rather impressed as I'm feeling like a wet lemon but I'm sure I will get into the swing of things over the next day or two. I'm very excited for the magazine to be pulling together and can't wait for the website to go live. I hope you will all be impressed!!

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