25 August 2011

Living it lux

Day four of placement already. Kerazy.

I'm at TTG Luxury (the business of selling travel, luxury travel in this case) - great subject matter!

I knew on my first day that I was going to be far away from data entry and coffee-runs when I received an email whilst sitting on my (delayed) train informing me that I was going to be interviewing the president of YTL hotels the next day. Google Muse St. Tropez or Pangkor Laut for an idea of what kind of hotels this man runs.

I spent my first day writing news from press releases. Making the first phonecall was scary in a massive, yet quiet office. The PR guy I phoned seemed quite taken aback by my keenness and promptly emailed me saying he was impressed with the speed of my response and keep in touch if I need any news. Another one for the contact book.

It didn't really occur to me all day that the stuff I was writing was for eyes other than Roberta's or Keith's, so when April (my editor) called me over to show me how to put things onto the website, I just thought 'hmm interesting I'd better remember this' and only realised that she meant MY things when she casually uploaded a story I'd written. She was very unceremonious about the whole thing but I was performing a carnival/parade/fanfare in my head. The only other thing I have ever had published was a cheer comp report in the uni paper so I'd say this is my first bit of published work. Wahey!

On the second day April bombarded me with new things to write, which is great because it combats the usual placement awkwardness of 'umm...what do you want me to do now?'

My interview with YTL hotels man was at 4pm (he was calling from Washington D.C, caj) and it went really well until I casually tried to move the conversation from the UK to one of his hotels in Phuket, but actually said Oman. And I pronounced Chedi to rhyme with Jedi, instead of Freddy. A completely different place and name. Awkward. Luckily, being a suave businessman, he ignored my cock-up and gave me the right answers anyway.

For some reason on Tuesday night I got a massive case of impostor syndrome and convinced myself that I was unemployable and my actual calling in life is to be a 50s housewife, but some swanky press events on Wednesday morning cheered me up. It's hard to be down when you're milling around the penthouse suite of a posh London hotel eating mini pastries and drinking tea out of a cup and saucer. And as if that wasn't enough, we got goodie bags full of a mixture of toot (rubber ducks, massive flip flops/slippers) and cool stuff (Clarin's body lotion!). After a dash across to Soho for another event at NatMags, where some free Sanctuary products and a cupcake awaited, it was back to the office.

Suddenly I understood my pile of work and where it was going (there is a weekly paper, a quarterly mag, and of course the website) and a new wave of confidence came over me.

Ever since then I have been churning out news at a reasonable rate, and am really into the swing of things...at least I think I am...I hope my editor agrees. I even wrote the entire luxury page and the nibs for the business page in next week's paper.

In conclusion - best work experience I've ever had. Now time to find a paid job.

In other news my mum and sister flew to the south of France today so I am stuck at home with my bro and dad, currently eating Haribo.

Sorry for going into so much detail, I'm just putting off writing my review for Roberta (sorry Roberta). Better get on that before I fall asleep.

Night night guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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