29 August 2011

It's the last bank holiday of the year...

... and the hustle and bustle of PMA doesn't stop! Just when we thought we might have a bit of extra time during placement to chill out and get to grips with the real world, I've realised that now is the time to catch up with re-submissions, revise for law and shorthand (plus another few exams), organise my workbook and research folder and actually apply for jobs!

It seems weird still that we're not expected to go in to PMA on a Saturday though, so much so that myself and Melodie went in on Saturday night from 8pm til 11pm to get some work done! Plus, a few of us did go in yesterday and another couple hardcore postgrads are going in today too. I think it's officially called PMA blues!

But I think going in of our own accord is doing us the world of good . Getting in to that mental attitude of working when you need to get something done, even when you're not asked, is setting us up well for our placements and interviews. It shows we've got that drive and commitment.

SO with only two weeks left, and knowing my last blog post is going to be the day before the last day of the course, I'm so extremely pleased with where we're all getting (cue soppy romcom music).

I'll see you on the other side!!


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