01 August 2011

I digress.....

After a celebratory lie-in this morning, I was elected Production Editor yesterday, I was well on my way to having an early night tonight as well. I wanted to take full advantage of the last opportunity we will have to sleep properly for the next three weeks. Alas, after watching a very old and haggard version of Lady Gaga take James Kahn's position in the Den, it was time for our Flat Plan planning session.

It's all ready for tomorrow but it is 1.19am and I am still awake!! What happened to my day?! There is still one re-sub to work on, two news pieces to find, three emails to write and a feature to research by 8am tomorrow before diving head first into our final session on features with Roberta. And if you think that's scary we have Subbing with Keith for three days this week. I am shaking in my sandals! (Although I haven't really had much opportunity to wear them in the sunshine due to the work load. I can always dream!

I'm rather looking forward to our big magazine meeting tomorrow. We shall be launching a timetable which involves some very tight turnovers on our peers and I find it necessary to apologise profusely in advance, but it shall and will be stuck to! Roberta said that I should get a stick to keep people in control which sounds a bit daunting and suggests I shall be very stressed and frazzled by the end of the course! This blog has become rather fragmented due to my weary mind, I'm now thinking about my mini boxes of cereal which I'll be taking into PMA each morning to have cereals at my desk, I'm actually quite excited, I think that's a bad sign. To anybody reading this who is contemplating joining the course: No, these blogs are not for dramatic effect, and no they aren't just for show when actually we're just partying around North West London. But it is fun! Perhaps if I get a stick to wave around it may even be more fun.... I think it's time to end a day of major digressions!
Night all!


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